Colonial Sports Network’s Transfer Tracker

With the hectic NCAA transfer portal still ongoing, Colonial Sports Network has decided to document all of these transfers for the sake of easy readability. (Last updated: 6/17/2021)

It’s no secret that college athletics has been going through some odd times in terms of transfers. We have seen a record number of NCAA transfers across the nation due to the extra year of eligibility given to students amidst the pandemic.

Robert Morris has not been exempt from the transfer crisis as players such as AJ Bramah, Isabella Posset, and Dante Treacy have all left the university opening the door for others to come in.

Here at Colonial Sports Network, we have decided to timeline all of these transfers for the sake of easy readability and documentation.

This will be an ongoing document updated with every transfer to and from every Division I Robert Morris sport.

June 2021

Men’s Basketball: Forward Cameron Wilbon transfers to Sacramento State (6/16/21)

Women’s Basketball: Guard Dahomée Forgues transfers to Fairleigh Dickinson (6/15/21)

Softball: Infielder Allie Lowery transfers to Sacred Heart (6/3/21)

Softball: Infielder Danielle Jason transfers to Morgan State (6/3/21)

May 2021

Men’s Basketball: Adds forward Jaron Williams from Tennessee Martin (5/19/21)

Women’s Basketball: Yasmine Sifaoui transfers to Midwestern State (5/18/21)

Football: Marist OL Darryl Sullivan Jr. transfers to RMU (5/14/21)

Football: Lehigh Defensive back Divine Buckrham grad transfers to RMU (5/7/21)

Football: Running back Anthony Purge transfers to RMU (5/6/21)

Football: Linebacker Tyren Cloyd transfers to RMU from VMI (5/2/21)

– Men’s Basketball: Adds Matt Mayers from JuCo (5/2/21)

April 2021

– Men’s Ice Hockey: Adds forward Mickey Burns from Vermont (4/22/21)

– Women’s Basketball: Holly Forbes grad-transfers to Tennessee Martin (4/21/21)

– Men’s Basketball: Bryant guard Michael Green III transfers to RMU (4/20/21)

– Men’s Basketball: Olisa Ngonadi enters transfer portal (4/20/21)

– Football: Defensive Lineman Victor Solarin enters grad-transfer portal (4/17/21)

– Football: Defensive Lineman Alex Avakian enters grad-transfer portal (4/15/21)

– Football: Wide receiver Daevon Robinson enters transfer portal (4/15/21)

– Women’s Basketball: Adds Ashya Klopfenstein from JuCo (4/14/21)

– Football: Freshman RB/WR David Swartzentruber enters transfer portal (4/14/21)

– Football: Senior linebacker Devyn Charles enters transfer portal (4/14/21)

– Football: Garrett Houser becomes the first RMU football player to transfer. Committed to Notre Dame College (Ohio) (4/14/21)

– Men’s Basketball: Trayden Williams enters the transfer portal (4/13/21)

– Men’s Basketball: Ferron Flavors Jr. joins RMU from Oklahoma State (4/13/21)

– Men’s Basketball: Rasheem Dunn transfers to RMU from St. John’s (4/12/21)

– Men’s Ice Hockey: Former captain Nick Prkusic enters grad-transfer portal (4/5/21)

– Men’s Basketball: Freshman Pat Suemnick enters the transfer portal (4/5/21)

March 2021

– Men’s Basketball: Adds 6-8 Toledo forward Mattia Acunzo (3/30/21)

– Men’s Basketball: Junior guard Dante Treacy enters transfer portal, initially committed to Radford but re-opened his recruitment soon after, committing to UNC Greensboro. (3/25/21)

– Women’s Basketball: Dahomée Forgues, Holly Forbes and Yasmine Sifaoui all enter the transfer portal (3/15/21)

– Men’s Basketball: Terrell Brown enters transfer portal (3/11/21)

– Women’s Basketball: Megan Callahan enters the transfer portal. She then later committed to Youngtown State (3/11/21)

– Men’s Basketball: Cameron Wilbon enters the transfer portal. Later committed to Sacramento State. (3/10/21)

– Women’s Basketball: Trinity Papamandjaris first to enter the transfer portal after RMU women’s basketball season concluded. Later committed to Guelph (3/9/21)

February 2022

Men’s Basketball: AJ Bramah shockingly leaves Robert Morris mid-season. Later committed to Arizona State. Decommitted from Arizona State and committed to Nevada. (2/12/21)

January 2021

– Women’s Basketball: Star player Isabella Posset enters the transfer portal and heads to St. Francis Brooklyn (1/2/21)

Football: Defensive back Tony Brown transfers to RMU from Navy (1/18/21)

– Men’s Basketball: Justin Winston transfers to RMU from St. Bonaventure (1/24/21)

December 2020

– Men’s Basketball: Brandon Stone transfers to RMU from La Salle (12/16/21)