Michaela Boyle finds her new home closer to home, transfers to Boston College


Michaela Boyle has transferred to Boston College. Photo Credit: Nathan Breisinger/Colonial Sports Network

Cameron Macariola

Days keep going by since the heartbreaking news that RMU would be discontinuing both men’s and women’s Division I hockey teams. Many players are finding and beginning their new chapters at different programs, and one major voice in the #SaveRMUHockey campaign announced her new home today in Michaela Boyle.

The Reading, Massachusetts native will be moving closer to home as she announced her commitment to Boston College via social media.

Since joining the Colonials in 2019, Boyle has put up some phenomenal numbers, recording 33 goals and 19 assists in 61 games. Boyle spoke to Colonial Sports Network about her time at Robert Morris.

“My time at RMU will always be something I will cherish. The friends and memories I created there will always be something I will hold close to my heart. It is bitter-sweet to be leaving RMU behind, but I am so excited to head back to Boston and be close to my family and friends to close out my college hockey career,” she said. “I will never stop fighting to save the RMU hockey teams as it gave me more than I could ever imagine. I hope Dr. Chris Howard and the University realize the impact their choices have on the university for years to come. We as people deserve better and as athletes who represented the University with honor and class. I want to thank my coaches and past and present teammates for helping me make RMU a home. I hope I will get to see another #16 in an RMU jersey again soon.”

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