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The womens lacrosse team falls to Maryland 17-1 in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament Photo credit: Taylor Roberts
"It sets the path for us to be here every year.": Women's Lacrosse closes out promising season against Maryland
Michael DeemerMay 10, 2024

COLLEGE PARK, Md.-- After starting the year 0-6, the Robert Morris women's lacrosse team earned their second-ever NCAA Tournament berth as they faced the fourth-ranked Maryland...

Sherwin: Women’s Basketball Mid-Season Report Card

The women’s basketball team is in the midst of a nine-game losing streak and in the bottom of the Horizon League standings Photo credit: Jack Enterline

*EDITOR’S NOTE: Opinions are of the writer’s own and do not represent Colonial Sports Network as a whole.

Being 21 games into the season and halfway through, it is time to give the women’s basketball team a midseason grade.


The offense has really struggled as of late, during this nine game losing streak the Colonials have only scored over sixty once. They rank 316th in the country in field goal percentage at 33.44.

Keeping the ball has gone wrong as well. In the game against Youngstown State, the team had 22 turnovers in the loss. They rank 275th in the country in turnovers as well. The conference rankings are not much better for the Colonials.

They are last in scoring among all of the Horizon League, with 59.6 points per game and the average is only falling. They are also ninth in scoring margin per game at -8.6.

Right now, they seem to be holding on to the ball too long, not getting set for plays and really not having much communication. If they want to get this grade up, they are going to have the get back to their scoring touch.


While the defense is not killing the team, it has not been as good as it could be. A lot of times it seems the team decides to switch from man to zone, with not much explanation why. If done too much players can get easily confused and open shots are going to fall.

When it comes to getting rebounds, the Colonials really have been getting crushed on the class. They rank 264th in the country in rebound margin at -2.6.

In conference play it is not all doom and gloom, as they rank eighth in conference in combined team rebound with 35.2 rebounds a game. The Colonials need more consistency when it comes to defense, they also are going to need to step up when it comes to the glass if they are going to turn this around in March.


While earlier in the year they would have had a higher grade, lately it has not been going well. As said before, switching defenses is not a great move at all. When they were getting pressed on against YSU, the squad honesty could not break the press.

Emily Saunders had a field day as well. It felt as if they didn’t think she would be playing, and she leads the Penguins in every offensive category. We also see players leading the huddle for half the timeouts, before anything can be fixed the timeout is over. Something needs to change if they are going to turn this around before March.


While not much has gone right for the team, Vuletich has been a bright spot on the team. She has .478 shooting percentage on the year, taking strong shots close to the basket. On the year she has 98 defensive rebounds, ending a ton of positions. As she averages seven points a game, she has been a leader for the team.


As the year rolls on the Colonials look to turn around a rough patch. With just a little over a month and a half left in the season, there is still a chance to turn around for the Colonials and to get right.

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