Opinion: Ranking the jerseys of Big South teams


As the Colonials head into the Big South, Colby Sherwin is back to rank their jerseys. Photo Credit: David Auth

By Colby Sherwin, Contributor

As the football team makes its transition to the Big South, they will face new teams, and with that are new opposing uniforms. Thus, it is time to rank them according to jerseys and possibilities that team mascot can lead to.

7. Gardner-Webb Runnin’ Bulldogs

Gardner-Webb’s home uniform. Photo Credit: GWU Athletics

As we have seen with the University of Georgia, Bulldogs can lead to great uniforms, the same goes for Mississippi State. Gardner-Webb doesn’t have bad uniforms, just forgettable. In fact, their home uniform is identical to Ole Miss with a navy blue helmet, red jersey, and white pants. Their away uniforms are all white with said blue helmet, they do have two solid alternate jerseys. One is for away games, which are all white with a white helmet, and the other is a black jersey with black pants and a blue helmet. They have solid jerseys, but so does the rest of the conference which led them to be at the bottom of the list.

6. Charleston Southern Buccaneers

CSU’s home jerseys. Photo Credit: CSU Athletics

A buccaneer can lead to great jerseys as we have seen with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and one thing right off the bat that leads to me ranking them so low is their name for their mascot, which is Bucky. No disrespect to CSU, but that sounds like something that fifth-graders would name a mascot.

Anyways, CSU has nice uniforms, their home ones are a gold helmet with navy blue jersey and pants. For their away uniforms, they have a gold helmet, white jersey and gold pants. What has them ahead of Gardner-Webb is their alternations; they have three alternates. The first is a white helmet with a blue jersey and blue pants. The second one is a blue helmet with a white jersey and blue pants. The final one is another reason why they are low. It is a blue jersey and blue pants with a gradient helmet with blue and gold that looks like the old Jacksonville Jaguars helmet.

If there is one thing that doesn’t work with football jerseys, it is gradient schemes, like the Jags or the recent Atlanta Falcons alternates. Other than that, CSU has a decent jersey, not great.

5. Campbell Fighting Camels (Not playing this season)

Campbell’s home uniforms. Photo Credit: Campbell Athletics

Campbell has an interesting mascot with it being the Camels. There are a lot of possibilities, and the Camels fit them well. The home uniforms are a white helmet with a black jersey with black pants. They look nice and clean and one thing that always works in sports uniforms is all black. Their away uniforms are all white with a white helmet. All-white always looks really clean as well, and they also have one alternate with a white helmet, an orange jersey and orange pants. They look nice as well, they remind me of the Miami Dolphins’ color rush jerseys.

One thing holding Campbell back is their helmet. If they had an orange or black helmet, it would put them in the top three. But overall, clean, basic jerseys for the Fighting Camels.

4. North Alabama Lions (Not playing this season)

UNA’s home uniforms. Photo Credit: UNA Athletics

The Lions have some nice uniforms as they have four total and are the first team to use different colored helmets in the Big South. For home uniforms, they have a white helmet with a purple jersey and purple pants. Purple is a cool color that a lot of teams don’t use and I believe that it should be used more.

Their away uniforms are a matte-purple helmet with a white uniform and purple pants. The Lions have four alternate uniforms as well, the first one is a purple helmet with purple uniforms and white pants. The second one is a purple helmet with a purple jersey and purple pants. The third one is a white helmet with a jersey and white pants. The final one puts the Lions over the Fighting Campbells with a gold helmet, purple jersey, and gold pants. This is the cleanest look in the conference so far in these rankings.

3. Robert Morris Colonials

RMU’s home uniforms. Photo Credit: David Auth

The Colonials begin their first season in the Big South with some of the best uniforms in the conference. After leaving the NEC, the Colonials also bring a new away jersey. Their home ones are a blue helmet with blue jerseys and blue pants, and the new away ones are a white helmet, white jersey and white pants which makes for a good combination.

The Colonials bring an alternate jersey as well to the Big South, which is a grey helmet, jersey and pants. The Colonials bring a patriotic look to the Big South, and they have some of the best jerseys in the whole conference, only beaten out by two.

2. Monmouth Hawks

Monmouth’s home uniforms. Photo Credit: Monmouth Athletics

Monmouth is the furthest east team in the Big South. The Hawks have five uniforms that are easily some of the best in the conference. The home uniforms are a white helmet with navy blue jerseys and white pants. It provides a nice, clean look for the Hawks that they use for all of their uniforms. The away uniforms are a white helmet and a white jersey with white pants. The first alert for the Hawks is that they are almost identical to their home ones with the only difference being that it has navy blue pants.

There are alternative ways to wear a white helmet with a white jersey and white pants, another clean look, but the second-best uniform in the Big South is their all-grey uniforms. With a white helmet and grey jersey and pants, it provides a really nice look for the Hawks as one of the premier teams in the conference.

1. Kennesaw State Owls

Kennesaw State’s uniforms. Photo Credit: KSU Athletics

The Owls are projected to win the Big South, one thing that they have already won in my opinion is the best uniforms in the conference. The Owls have four uniforms that lead them to the top in the Big South.

The first is their home ones, a yellow helmet with black jerseys and black pants. They look really nice and the all-black home look is the best in the whole conference. The away uniforms are the same yellow helmet with a white jersey and yellow pants, as they aren’t bad but are just ok as most away uniforms are. What sets them apart are their two alternates. The Owls have a white helmet with a yellow jersey and white pants.

These alone could lead them to be number one, a great yellow jersey, but what is the best uniform in the Big South, with the same yellow helmet, but with a silver uniform and silver pants. An all-silver uniform is always a great look, and this one is. A silver look is fantastic and the Owls nailed it on all their uniforms.