Basista: From a Talbot to a Colonial


Evan Basista

* Editor’s Note: This piece is part of the CSN Class of 2023 Senior Sendoff series. You can read the whole series by clicking here.

I’m not always the greatest with words. As someone looking to continue in the sports media world, this is not the best thing. But I’ll do my best to convey my gratitude for the past four years I’ve spent on and off here.

My time with Colonial Sports Network and RMU Sentry Media was anything but a traditional path. I joined early in my freshman year and enjoyed getting some field experience. And then the world shut down.

Thanks, COVID.

After spending a year not being involved, I rejoined for my junior year in the fall and picked back up right where I left off. And then, I went abroad for a semester. Ok, that one’s on me this time. This past year was the first (and last) “normal” one I had with CSN, and I can confidently say it was the best one.

It’s been an honor getting to cover RMU sports in several different capacities, whether behind a camera, in front of a camera, writing an article, and everything in between. Although I may not have built up as many experiences as my peers, some still stand out to me.

Getting to cover the hockey teams while they were still around briefly was among my most memorable experiences, as well as getting to head to two Celebrity Hockey Faceoffs. I also had plenty of fun being on Sports Talk in the Burgh over the years and co-hosting Penalty Kicks this past fall.

There are too many people to thank, and listing them would make this article even longer than it already is. So to save some space, I want to thank everyone who has helped me these past four years. From the seniors who have been on this journey with me to the freshmen I wish I got to work alongside for longer, thank you.

As for my future plans, I’m still not sure what that entails. But I know it’ll be memorable if it’s anything like these past four years.

For Colonial Sports Network, I’m Evan Basista