Goldberg: A Mistake That Turned Into the Greatest Decision of My Life.


Samuel Goldberg

* Editor’s Note: This piece is part of the 2023 Senior Sendoff series. You can read the whole series by clicking here.

Some say things happen for a reason.

I am one of those people.

When looking for a school to go to, I had it set in stone that I either wanted to go to a bigger school to get the big school feel and learn the field I wanted to get into.

However, when looking at schools to go to, I was looking at going to Syracuse University. However, I hit the arrow to go to the next page of schools and saw Robert Morris. I thought to myself what could this school be?

When touring I met some people in the Sentry newsroom that I would get to know for a while. After touring and kinda being forced to come here and do the retreat because of Dr. Moretti, I thought to myself that I found a new home.

A new home is exactly what I found. I have met some of my best friends here at Robert Morris. Freshman year was going really well until COVID hit and life was kind of at a standstill, to be honest.

Online classes were meh, but the hardest part was losing my grandfather. who I call Zeide, at the tail-end of my freshman year and life was never the same. It was weird going through covid with no sports and just really nothing to do.

Dr. Moretti made an incredible effort to keep us together with trivia every week to keep us occupied for a night. It was truly outstanding and it made me feel like I still made the right choice of school by that act.

But as we continue what made RMU home was when we came back and we all just gathered in the newsroom to watch an event because it made us feel like we were together again. The newsroom was always open and people would be there every day and there was never a dull moment.

Also, the biggest aspect of the school is that I got do things at the start of my freshman year. From covering games to being on camera to working live sports, there was so much that I was able to do as a freshman and that is what separates the big schools from the little schools.

After COVID, junior and senior year is when I really put my head down and started grinding. Writing articles, features, creating content and so much more, I knew that it was go time and that I needed to get ahead.

There were many nights spent sleepless in the newsroom spent writing articles, writing scripts, and editing videos, and graphics. It taught me that the grind never stops. If you want to make it in the business you have to be willing to work and that is what being in Sentry and Colonials Sports Network has taught me.

With that being said who knew the mistake of clicking on the next page would lead to the best decision I have ever made? Being at Robert Morris taught me about hard work and the grind of being perfect in the work I do. I am thankful for a lot of people and those people are Ethan Morrison, Nate Breisinger, Colby Sherwin, Cam Macariola, Michael Deemer, Gabby Rankin, Zack Jones, Casey Erlewein, Terryaun Bell, Simone Aiken, Hope Beatty, Ally Yovetich, Evelyn Luthinger, Bethany Naughton, John Perrotto, and Dr. Anthony Moretti.

You have allowed me to be myself and accept my humor and just helped me transform into the person that I am today.

For the final time, for Colonial Sports Network, I have been Samuel Goldberg