Antoine Davis surpasses 2,500 career points, adds another record to his mantle


Antoine Davis looks up after scoring his 2,500th career point on Wednesday. Photo Credit: Tyler Gallo

Ethan Morrison

It’s no secret that Antoine Davis has enjoyed bushels of success at the Division I level. The NCAA’s leading scorer took a trip to Moon last night and had another milestone up his sleeve.

Davis has certainly enjoyed the matchup between the Titans and the Colonials over the past two seasons as well.

In his first meeting with RMU on Feb. 19, 2021, he put up 26 points. One day later, when they squared off to end the two-game COVID series, he scored 29 points.

Davis had one more meeting with Robert Morris in the 2020-21 season, where he put up 46 points in the first round of the Horizon League Tournament, which is just two points shy of his career-high with the Titans.

Wednesday night was no different for Davis, as he continued that impressive run against the Colonials. He put up 26 points, shooting 9/22 from the field and 6/15 from downtown.

Throughout his four games against the Colonials, Davis has totaled 127 points.

Robert Morris head coach Andy Toole was asked if Davis created a distraction to the team since he had their number in previous matchups, but Toole was quick to refute that claim.

These guys weren’t here [last year]. Here’s the problem, we were trying to distract them. We’re telling them this guy had 46 [points] on us last year, and they’re going, ‘He’s probably not that good.’ I wish they’d be more distracted because if that was the case, I wish they’d be more urgent. I wish they’d be more locked in. They should be thinking, ‘Dude, you can’t let this guy get a shot.’ And we’re like, ‘Oh, he’ll probably miss.’ Oh, he will? He’s shot 202 threes coming into the game tonight and he took 15 more tonight and he’s shooting 37 percent. He’s the all-time leading scorer in the league, is the all-time leading scorer for Detroit, and god forbid if he comes back next year, he might be able to come back and ultimately, become the leading scorer in college basketball. But we’ve got it. That’s on everybody else. I thought there were times where we did a decent job on him, 26 points in 22 shots, though, I thought we did a decent job but, you know, he gets the ball in the corner in front of their bench, shot clock’s winding down, Kahliel [Spear] is guarding him. [he should be thinking] I’ve got to make this guy put it on the ground. I’ve got to respect what my responsibilities are right here and I’ve got to execute them vs. I’m going to dare this guy to shoot a three.

— Andy Toole

Toole was disappointed with the outcome of the game, but he also said some words to Davis in the postgame press conference that not many opposing coaches would ever say.

Does anybody watch him warm-up? We’ve played him four times, and I don’t know if you should say this as an opposing head coach, but I love watching him warm-up because the dude doesn’t miss a shot. I almost told my wife, you should come early tonight and told my kids to come and watch it because this is how shooters shoot. He’s meticulous about his prep. All these guys that come into the gym, and think they’re shooters, he goes a foot away and he shoots 100 shots in the lane before he even gets to the three-point line. We’ve got dudes that are shooting 22 percent that won’t step inside the three-point line. They’re like, “Yo, how dare you? How dare you tell me to step inside of the three-point line?” This dude is ridiculous. And he goes a foot away and he swishes every one. He builds it over and over again.

— Andy Toole

He has also been on a record-breaking tear as of late, etching his name on the record book as he scored his 2,481st point on Saturday against Northern Kentucky, making him the all-time leading scorer in Horizon League play. He also leads the nation in scoring, averaging 23.3 points per game.

On top of all of that, in the 26 point effort from Davis this evening, he surpassed 2,500 career points on a three-point field goal with 50 seconds remaining in the first half. Davis becomes just the 76th player in NCAA D-I history to reach 2,500 career points.

It may be the last time that Antoine Davis steps onto the hardwood against a Robert Morris team, but he sure shows no signs of slowing down.