Robert Morris extends hockey return deadline


Robert Morris has extended the deadline for the hockey teams to return. Photo Credit: Nathan Breisinger/Colonial Sports Network

By Owen Krepps, Contributor

This past Saturday, the NCAA and Robert Morris University were to evaluate the numbers for a potential reinstatement of RMU hockey. Instead of the return of both of the programs, the teams have once again been met with silence from Dr. Chris Howard and the school.

The #SaveRMUHockey movement has been a monumental community effort in the Pittsburgh College Hockey community. It has brought together countless individuals all to deny Robert Morris from taking away the schools’ division one hockey programs.

Nearly $40,000 as well as more than half a million in private donations have been given to try and resurrect the teams after the shocking news on May 26th. After potential new ownership at the Island Sports Center and the hiring of lawyer Jeffrey Kessler, RMU finally went back on their word stating the following on July 14th:

“Robert Morris University and the newly formed Pittsburgh College Hockey Foundation have announced that they will partner together to raise sufficient funds to support the reinstatement of RMU’s NCAA Division I men’s and women’s ice hockey programs in time for the 2021-22 season. Representatives of the school and the foundation met Monday and agreed to work towards raising sufficient additional funds by July 31 to bring the teams back and position them to be financially sustainable for the foreseeable future with an overall fundraising goal of $7 million over the next five years.”

The date of July 31 was mostly due to the NCAA themselves needing to know the final decision so that they can prepare for the upcoming season, but according to a university spokesperson, the NCAA would permit a return of the programs after the deadline which was told to TribLive.

With the deadline of July 31 in the past, what now? What is the exact number of funds needed? Why have there not been any announcements made (good or bad) by the school yet?

These questions should have all been answered this past Saturday, but instead, the teams once again are searching for answers. The newly-formed Pittsburgh College Hockey Foundation, which has partnered with the University to fundraise stated the following to Colonial Sports Network.

“We are hopeful for a decision here soon. That’s all we can say for now.”

Time is running out and the season is slowly approaching. Questions arise about university brass stalling the return of the programs as long as possible, but until a potential answer, all people can do is continue to donate and fight the good fight.


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