Colonial Sports Center: Chase Miller Q&A

Spencer Witt, Contributor

The RMU golf team won their first tournament of the season after the team shot an 865 (+13) in the Northern Kentucky Fall Classic. Freshman Chase Miller led the charge as he shot a 210 (-3) which was the best score in the tournament. Last Thursday, Chase Miller sat down with Spencer Witt on Colonial Sports Center and here is the transcript from the interview.

Spencer Witt: I am here with the man that Logan had just mentioned. First off Chase
thank you so much for coming onto the show.

Chase Miller: Thank you for having me.

Witt: When did you first get into golf? Golf is known as an older person’s sport, when
did you start getting into that?

Miller: I got in at the age of 11 years old. My grandfather has always been a golfer, and I went in
one day and just fell in love with it.

Witt: We talk about going in as 11. You start to get into it in middle school and high school.
Your first college tournament was in Northern Kentucky, what’s the difference between
high school and collegiate golf?

Miller: In high school, you have people who play just for the fun of it but in college, especially in
the Division I level, you don’t have people like that. They’re all playing because they love the
game and they want to get the best that they can out of it.

Witt: You were coming into the Northern Kentucky tournament starting off on the 7-hole.
The first two rounds you were really feeling it. You had either the lead or pretty close to it
for most of that tournament. Be honest, when did you feel that “I have a pretty good
chance at winning this of winning this. My first ever tournament in college and I have a
pretty good chance of beating guys who have been playing collegiately for 3 or 4 years”?

Miller: I would say after the first round because we played 36 [holes] in one day and I looked at
my score after the first round and I saw that I was leading by 1 [stroke]. I knew that if I played
well coming in I could win the tournament. I’m pretty sure I shot even for the second round and I
still had a one-shot lead going into the last day so I put myself in a good position.

Witt: You said you shot pretty well after the first day but Robert Morris wasn’t actually
leading after the first day. They were in second at the time and you being the leading player
of Robert Morris going into the second day. How did you lead that team and what did you
guys do collectively to win the tournament?

Miller: We all just played our best. That’s what you have to do. The upperclassmen led by
example. They have helped me so much in just my short time of being here and they all played
great the last day to bring it home.

Witt: Did you feel the pressure going into that last day leading by 1 stroke and what was
the pressure you were feeling?

Miller: I was definitely feeling a lot of pressure teeing off for the 3rd round and I played a really
good front nine and I knew going into the back nine that it was my tournament to win. It was my
tournament. I played well and was going to win it. I got off to a bit of a shaky start on the back
nine but I was able to hold it in the last couple of holes.

Witt: Logan had mentioned it before it was the first opening tournament win for Robert
Morris in a couple years and you can’t start any higher than that. What are your
expectations as a team this year?

Miller: Our expectations are to win the NEC championship. We’re not going to be satisfied with
anything less than that. Also, we want to win as many tournaments as we can before that.

Witt: You were mentioning before you actually didn’t play the best tournament of golf in
your eyes. There were a lot of chances that you missed. Talk about those.

Miller: I birdied my first college golf hole, so that was nice to get off to a good start, but then I
missed a couple of short putts in the next few holes. I was able to hold it through and made some
putts but if I could have made every putt I was supposed to it could have been a much better

Witt: So Chase you guys will look to “clean up a bit” per se. Thank you so much for
coming onto the show.

Miller: Thank you very much.