Higgins dominates in Game 2 of the Colonial Challenge World Series


Rachael Rhinehart (27) deals to Natalie Higgins (26) before one of her two home runs

Tyler Gallo, Copy Editor

MOON TOWNSHIP– On Thursday afternoon, softball hosted game two of its “Colonial Challenge” intrasquad scrimmage tournaments. In this game, the “Hackin’ and Attackin'” team, who wore white, took on the “Colonial Cobras” in blue, and won 5-2 on the strength of returning senior Natalie Higgins’ two home runs. This win extended Hackin’ and Attackin’s series lead to 2-0.


Hackin’ & Attackin’

  1. Faith Miller, 2B, 0-2, BB
  2. Erika Bell, LF, 0-3
  3. Natalie Higgins, RF, 2-3, 2 HR, 4 RBI
  4. Avery Winchell, 1B, 3-3, 2B
  5. Jane Garver, P, 0-2, BB, 3 IP, 0 R
  6. Madison Shiderly, C, 0-2, BB
  7. Brittney Seibert, SS, 0-2, SF
  8. Julia Ehrman, CF, 0-2 BB
  9. Charlotte Grover, 3B
  10. Dana Vatakis, P, 4 IP, 2 R

Colonial Cobras

  1. Kristyna Mala, 3B, 1-3
  2. Danielle Jason, SS, 0-2 BB
  3. Rachael Rhinehart, P, 1-2, BB, 3 IP, 4 R
  4. Madison Riggle, 1B/P, 0-3, RBI, 4 IP, 1 R
  5. Kinsey Ventura, RF, 0-3
  6. Alaina York, CF, 0-2
  7. Allie Lowery, 2B, 0-2
  8. Ariana Garroway, C, 0-2
  9. Payton Ellinger, EP/1B, 1-2, RBI
  10. Catalina Saxen, LF, 1-2

Player Highlights

Natalie Higgins put on a show today, going 2-3 with two home runs in her first two at-bats. In her first at-bat, she took a 1-1 pitch from Rhinehart halfway up the outfield hill in the first inning to make it a 1-0 lead. In her second at-bat in the second inning, she hooked a pitch down the left-field line and tucked it under the foul pole for her second home run of the game, and made it a 4-0 ballgame with the three-run shot.

Madison Riggle only allowed one run in three innings of work and drove in a run on a bases-loaded groundout in the sixth inning.

H&A now leads the series 2-0 after taking game one 5-4 and game two 5-2. They will be back in action later this week where they will try to secure the championship belt and a series sweep.