Introducing Colonial Sports Network


MOON TOWNSHIP– Announcing the brand new Colonial Sports Network, your home for everything RMU sports and more!

Colonial Sports Network is a one-of-a-kind, student-run converged sports media outlet for Robert Morris University. It adheres to the Journalism Education Association’s Scholastic Press Rights policy promoting student press freedom and editorial independence through a “hands-off” approach, allowing students to control content decisions without prior review or censorship.

Originally meant as a branch of RMU Sentry Media, RMU’s award-winning student-run media outlet, Colonial Sports Network was created by former RMU Sentry Media sports editors Logan Carney and Michael Sciulli, along with a team of dedicated sports staff members. It was designed due to the success of the sports team at RMU Sentry Media who won numerous awards for the outlet including the third best sports section in the entire country at the College Media Association’s Apple Awards in 2018. Colonial Sports Network is one of the first student-run websites dedicated entirely to sports with multimedia content at the forefront, which separates CSN and RMU Sentry Media apart from other student media outlets across the country.

Located in the Academic Media Center; Room 100 of the Patrick Henry Center, Colonial Sports Network serves the Robert Morris University and Moon Township communities by seeking truth through fair and accurate reporting while welcoming diversity and providing a forum for the free and responsible expression of student opinion in regards to Robert Morris and local sports.

Participation in Colonial Sports Network is open to all registered RMU students. Whether you are interested in reporting, photography, videography, advertising and/or design, the Colonial Sports Network staff could use your talent! Interested students should email the Digital Content Director Michael Sciulli at [email protected].

While the entire sports staff and RMU Sentry Media team have been a major part of this launch, the following members on the editorial board at Colonial Sports Network deserve special recognition in making this website happen.

Colonial Sports Network Editorial Staff 2019-2020

Michael Sciulli – CSN Digital Content Director

Logan Carney – RMU Sentry Media Digital Content Director

Nick Hedderick – Editor

Melanie Hulse – Business Director

Alexander Grattan – Webmaster

Christina Kowalski – Copy Editor (2019)

Jordan Redinger – Copy Editor (2020)

Jonathan Hanna – Assistant Editor

Luke Yost – Multimedia Director (2019)

Matt Simkovic Jr. – Chief Videographer (2019), Multimedia Director (2020)

Wyatt Fiedler – Chief Videographer (2020)

David Auth – Chief Photographer

Shayla Morris – Social Media Director

Owen Krepps – Podcast/Webshow General Manager

Ray Root – Chief Graphic Designer (2019)

Erik Schmidt – Chief Graphic Designer (2020)

Delenn Poe – Assistant Webmaster

Michael Delehanty – Assistant Webmaster