RMU track and cross country club partners with P3R

Nick Hedderick, Sports Editor

MOON TOWNSHIP– Robert Morris offers over 15 club sports for students to participate in. From rugby to bowling, there is no doubt that anyone can find a club sport that they can enjoy. Today, the new track and cross country club announced that they have partnered with P3R.

In the press release from RMU Club Sports, runner Tyler Slaney stated, “Our club team would not be this far developed if it was not for P3R’s generosity and willingness to work with us.”

P3R has worked with a variety of races in the Pittsburgh area, including the Pittsburgh Marathon. They will provide uniforms, coaching, financial support, and more to the team. P3R also hopes that they can inspire other people to run, whether it be for the first time, or for seasoned runners to continue running.

This is great news for the new team, who will have their first meet on September 7th.