Q&A with Men’s Lacrosse assistant Carlo Sunseri

Chris Mueller, Sports Editor

The Robert Morris men’s lacrosse program recently hired three new assistant coaches within the last month to join the staff. RMU Sentry Media caught up with one of the additions, Carlo Sunseri, to gain some quick thoughts on the recent moves and what to expect from the program going forward.

1. You’re joining the staff for the third time in your coaching career. What will your role be this time around? What are your responsibilities from a coaching standpoint? Recruiting? Etc.

My role this year will be to assist Coach McMinn, Coach Harrington, and Coach Marasti in teaching the players about working hard, improving daily, and loving the game of lacrosse. Coach McMinn and the alumni have done an amazing job establishing a program that pushes the team to constantly improve and earn everything through hard work and a positive attitude. From a coaching stand point, my goal is to focus on the fundamentals of the game while relating those specific skills to life and how we can learn to improve as people. To me it’s more than just a game of lacrosse, it teaches us life lessons like how to focus, overcome struggles, and improve daily.

2. Last year wasn’t the best season for the team. In what ways do you see the program improving, or growing, since you first started here?

This year we were able to upgrade our grad assistantship to a salaried position which is a major step for the program. With that said, we have two new coaches, Travis Harrington and Rob Marasti, who have already shown they will be able to push the program farther than ever before. Their passion for teaching and for the game of lacrosse is something that will bleed through the entire program. It’s an exciting time for Robert Morris and I’m happy to be a part of it.

3. What do you feel is key to a turnaround in 2015?

When I was studying Sports Management at Robert Morris I learned that for any organization, team, or company to reach their peak performance and become the best they can be, everyone must fully commit to one common goal. Over the past eight plus years, Coach McMinn has laid down a foundation focused on constant improvement, respect, and work ethic. As a team, from the coaching staff to every single player, we will continue to push ourselves to commit to those values. It’s not easy and will be a daily challenge, but that’s why we have committed to being part of this team and part of this University. The values of constant improvement, respect, passion, and work ethic will take us where we want to go in lacrosse and in life.

Be sure to follow the team this spring as they look to capture the 2015 NEC title.