Rebecca Dwomoh’s Global Journey Continues in Moon

The sophomore guard shares her story on her transition across the Atlantic.


Dwomoh is a native of London, England and previously played for the Nottingham Wildcats before joining the Colonials Photo credit: Kyle Le

Colby Sherwin

Rebecca Dwomoh’s road to Robert Morris has not been as linear as most Division I athletes. Dwomoh, a native of London, England, has not just developed her game from all over the world but has grown as a person.

“I lived in England until I was about nine then I moved to Spain. When I was there that is where I learned to play basketball. There I was playing for a coach who is on the staff of the Team Great Britain and he got me a tryout of the under-16 team.”

In her short time with Team Great Britain, Dwomoh averaged five points and 4.6 rebounds.

“Playing for them [Great Britain] helped my game so much. I changed positions from forward to guard because I was taller than all the kids. But there, I was able to grow my game and going forward. It was huge for me.”

Dwomoh then moved to professional basketball after her time with Great Britain. First up were the Nottingham Wildcats in the Women’s British Basketball League. She then moved to Femení Maresme, a club team in Spain.

“Playing was so fun,” Dwomoh said. “I got to meet so many cool people who I see today but also see the world. I love to travel as well. So not only did it help my game, but I also got to see the world.”

“My favorite memory was an academy game for the Wildcats. I got to play kids older than me, but to show off my skills in front of everyone was super fun for me and it was so fun to be a part of.”

With all that traveling done by Dwomoh, it is clear that she loves doing it but she did make it clear one part she does not enjoy.

“I love traveling but hate flying. Heights are not my thing but now here I have to do it so I try to get over it.”

With Dwomoh being all over the place, she has taken parts of each place, but one part of Spain she prefers is the food.

“The food in Spain was the best… it is so healthy. I love seafood so in Spain, it’s so fresh and amazing and I love the food there.”

This season the Colonials have taken on a youth movement as the team has five sophomores on the roster, meaning players who did not have a huge role have had to step up.

Dwomoh set her career-high 19 points on December 11, 2023 against the Oakland Golden Grizzlies Photo credit: Kyle Le

“It’s interesting,” Dwomoh said. “I have had to take more of a scoring role which means I’ve worked on my shooting a lot. It’s something like ‘sometimes you’re hot and sometimes you’re not’, which can be annoying.”

“The dynamics of the team have changed as well. We had a lot more people to look up to last year but now it’s more of seeing what the team is this year.”

Robert Morris may have been out of the way for her but Dwomoh knew RMU would be her choice.

“The values the coaching staff had was huge for me. They talk about us being a family and that was huge for me to have where I went. I wanted to make sure where I went was my family and they had it here.”

Other than the team’s values, Dwomoh had another major reason for joining the Colonials.

“One thing I will say is I love the facilities. They are so nice. I love them and they are some of the best you’ll see.”

The sophomore has no plans for the future but has one set goal in mind.

“I want to travel for sure,” Dwomoh said. “I don’t know if that will be playing basketball or settling down but I want to keep traveling I love doing that but as long as I’m happy that’s what matters.”

Dwomoh thanked the special people in her life: her parents and two siblings, Sophia and Cole.

The sophomore wants to continue growing as she continues to wear the Colonial uniform.