Jamie Keller attempts to clear the ball at practice. Photo Credit: Ethan Morrison

Local Legacies: Jamie Keller

Jamie Keller has had an intriguing path to becoming Robert Morris' women's lacrosse's starting goalkeeper.

February 18, 2022

Jamie Keller has had an intriguing journey to where she is today as the starting goalkeeper for Robert Morris women’s lacrosse.

The McMurray, Pa. native discussed how she first got involved with the Pittsburgh Premiere Lacrosse Club when she was in eighth grade.

During one of her first games playing lacrosse, Keller was approached by an Mt. Lebanon lacrosse team member, encouraging her to join a club team.

“I ended up taking them to after my third game of barely playing lacrosse and they were like ‘yeah, you’re really good. I think you have potential, why don’t you come join us? We have a goalie coach,” she said. “[Funny enough], she’s actually my coach right now and is also still coaching that PPLC team.”

Keller played four seasons at Peters Township High School before joining Robert Morris, where she served as a backup to Katelyn Miller before taking over the starting role this season.

Keller explained the rewards of playing the goalkeeper position. She compared saving a goal in lacrosse to getting a tackle in football, a sport she played for eight years, saying that there is an instantaneous reward.

“There’s something about the gratification from that’s really nice, that I really enjoy,” Keller said. “I think the other thing is being a central part, a very key part, of the lacrosse team and being a goalkeeper is that you’re the last line of defense. It’s very important what you do, and then also I just enjoy interacting with my teammates and being able to help them play better by giving them direction.”

Jamie Keller gets set to face a shot against Ohio State. Photo credit: Tyler Gallo

The senior spoke about the hard work and time commitment that goes into playing a sport while also being a full-time student. She also spoke on how she could translate those skills into everyday life.

“When you’re playing a sport that consumes a good portion of your day, like practicing close to 20 hours per week in season and in our fall ball season and then in our spring season, we go 20 hours all the way through,” she said. “I’m also a full-time student, and I’m very much involved. Sports teach you strong work ethic. If you don’t have a strong work ethic to get better, do better, and try harder and give 110 percent, you’re not going to succeed in your sport.”

Keller also spoke on the importance of having support from family and friends.

Keller said that there are always one or two friends at her lacrosse games. Her close friend, Jeff, tries to come to games when he is not busy with military or educational obligations.

“My dad consistently came to any of our home games, and then a couple of away games, in Ohio, or Maryland. He would come down to and then my mom’s worked in different areas, so she’s not home nearly as much, but she’ll just make random appearances at the away games.”

Having the chance to be the no. 1 goaltender on the roster this season, Keller suited up for her first-ever opening day start which came in Columbus against Ohio State.

Keller hopes that the team can return to the MAC tournament and repeat as MAC conference tournament champions.

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