Colonials win in wild fashion


Photo by Amy Shubilla

The Robert Morris University Island Sports Center was filled with cheers Saturday night as the women’s hockey team’s unbeaten streak was extended to 10 games via a 4-2 victory over St. Lawrence.

The Colonials started out strong early on, scoring in the first minute of play, as Rebecca Vint put the puck in the back of the net, scoring her tenth goal of the season. The Colonials seemed to be more in sync than the opposing Saints.

A few minutes later, the Saints came alive, challenging RMU with everything they had.

The Colonials helped the Saints out by allowing three power plays in the period, and letting the puck slip past the goal line in the eighteenth minute.

The second period proved that there is such a thing as bad karma, as the Saints got away with some cheap hits in the period, but allowed two goals shortly after.

Despite a very offensive and physical period by the Saints, Colonials’ Kristen Richards and Anneline Lauziere both sounded the alarm in the arena, putting the Colonials up 3-1.

“It is great to score goals but we were too busy focusing on our plays and blocks to look at the score,” said Lauziere, a senior defensemen for the Colonials, “when I finally took a look at the score I realized that were up by two and I felt proud of my team.”

The final period was a mixture of the close calls and wild play. Both the Colonials and the Saints were slowing down and could not get the puck in the net. That all changed in the sixteenth minute of play when Kylie St Louis, a defensemen, slid the puck the entire length of the ice for a goal.

Not only was it miraculous that the goal came while the Colonials were short-handed with two women in the penalty box, but the Saints were empty at the start of the power play.

The strategy of a 5-on-3 play clearly backfired for the Saints and, as a result, the Colonials went up 4-1.

“I had never seen anything like it. That goal will be talked about for a while,” said Lauziere.

The wild shots didn’t end there, as SLU added another goal in what looked like a NASCAR pile up. Out of the wrecking came the marching of the Saints as they cut the lead to two.

Unfortunately for the Saints, the marching stopped there as the game came to an end and the Colonials secured another victory.

Robert Morris will get a chance to get the unbeaten streak to 11 when they face the Saint Lawrence Sunday in the finale of the wild series.