Robert Morris Completes Homestand Sweep With Dominant Win Over West Virginia Wesleyan


Enoch Cheeks celebrates a basket in the 111-56 win over West Virginia Wesleyan Photo credit: Ethan Morrison

Alec Miller

MOON TOWNSHIP — In their final game of this brief two game homestand, Robert Morris (2-1) got off to a hot start tonight shooting the ball fast and early. They were able to continue this trend the whole game as they opened up a big lead and kept it throughout the contest coasting to a 111-56 win over West Virginia Wesleyan (0-3).

After the game, Robert Morris head coach Andy Toole spoke on the team’s strong effort throughout the game.

“We got off to a great start I thought we had really good energy to start the game. I thought defensively we stayed engaged for the majority of the 40 minutes. When you make shots at the rate, we made them today, then you are going to win some games.”

In the first ten minutes of the game the defense for the Colonial’s played shutdown defense and then to start the second half the defense struggled and started to allow more points.

“I think sometimes it’s human nature to kind of look at the scoreboard,” Toole said. “We talked at halftime about not doing that. About trying to maintain our energy level and focus. The first two possessions of the second half I didn’t think we had that, and I thought we built it for a stretch of the second half where we kind of maintained some of the energy the focus, and the detail.”

Toole spoke on trying to keep the energy going through the roster over the course of the game,

“I think you have to keep your focus small; it has to be possession by possession. You can’t necessarily look at the score. Are we doing the right things based on what the game is asking us to do.”

The Colonials had another good night shooting the three-ball going 17 for 36 (65.4%) beyond the arc.

Josh Corbin drives down the lane in the 111-56 win over West Virginia Wesleyan (Photo by Ethan Morrison)

Toole discussed the offenses mindset when looking at the three-point shot,

“It depends on what the defense gives you, I think they were doing a good job really trying to shut down some of the opportunities Kahliel (Spear) would have. Trying to not allow us to get into the paint and get to the rim so those threes were there.” Toole said.

The Colonials scored their 111 points for the first time since 1981, a night for both the coaches and the players to continue the gelling process to be a complete unit for the long haul of the season.

“Well I mean you always want to have that happen, but we will see when adversity hits and then when you will know. It is easy to be smiling and laughing when you score 111 points but it you score 11 how well can you stay together in the environment. That’s when you will know if you have that comradery and if the team is gelled the way you want it to.” Toole said.

Josh Corbin had a rough first game versus Ohio State but has since found his groove and has started to score more points. I was able to Josh how he is feeling after having a couple game under his belt.

“It is definitely an adjustment Ohio State they are bigger and harder and more experienced so their coverages kind of made it more difficult, but my teammates did a good of cutting hard and getting me open and making it easy on me to catch and shoot. I’m definitely feeling a lot more comfortable now.” Josh said.

Josh Corbin has now found his groove three games into the season and was a big part in tonight’s win with a season-high 20 points on the night, shooting 7 of 11 from the field and 6 of 10 behind the arc.

Enoch Cheeks led the team again in scoring I was able to ask Josh what it is like paying with Enoch.

“It’s super fun, he’s one of the best players I’ve played with. He’s super athletic, and defensively he’s amazing so being able to compete with him in practice every day, it is good to be on the other side and be his teammate and go against other people. He’s been great today and he’s been great all year for us and in practice as well. It is amazing to play with him I love it.” Corbin said.

The Colonials will head to Dayton, Ohio Saturday, Nov. 19 to take on the Flyers at 1 p.m.